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One Sweet Year


The NYT Kids

Editorial illustration for NYT kids China.
DURING THE CHINESE NEW YEAR, people will put up couplets on their door, set off fireworks and wear new clothes while
giving their New Year greetings to friends and family. Just as important, they will prepare a feast and snacks to enjoy while welcoming
the New Year with their families. Kids’ favorite food is definitely candy. In many parts of China, there is a custom of eating candy in the New Year. Some people still follow the old custom of having the whole family boil the ingredients for candy together.
Others are hoping that sweet and tasty frosting can gently cover all manner of treats, while more dream of a beautiful box full of tasty, modern-style candies. In this issue, we will take everyone on a walk across the country to see different New Year candies.
Let’s get excited for the sweetness of the new year.

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